About Kennedy Kiefer



Kennedy Elizabeth Kiefer is the daughter of Eric and Jennifer Kiefer and sister to older brother Lukas. At 8 months old, Kennedy was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor on her right kidney. Following the removal of her kidney, Kennedy received nineteen weeks of chemotherapy. Except for a second surgery for a bowel obstruction, she recovered well, and took on the life of a normal toddler. We thought the worst was over. But in January 2013, Kennedy’s blood work showed complications with her remaining kidney. Doctors conducted genetic tests from a biopsy of Kennedy’s kidney, the results of which were heartbreaking. The test revealed that her WT1 gene (a gene we all have to prevent tumors) mutated during development in the womb, causing an extremely rare medical condition of which there have been only 200 diagnosed cases in the world. Kids with this syndrome suffer complete kidney failure by age 3, develop Wilms tumors, and face other complications as well. Kennedy was in need of a kidney transplant and on July 11, 2013 prayers were answered when she received a living donor kidney from her mother. 


Kennedy now sees a team of doctors at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin including Oncologists, Nephrologists, Endocrinologists and Geneticists as well as her Transplant team of specialists. She has pulled through her treatments thus far and remains a strong and energetic little girl despite the obstacles and medical challenges she will face. We will never forget the day we were informed of Kennedy’s diagnosis, and how our little girl’s life changed forever. We remain hopeful and thank God for every day we have with Kennedy, and pray for a lifelong of happy moments to share with her.

We have asked for assistance from Children’s Organ Transplant Organization(COTA), a national non-profit to help navigate the many challenges associated with an organ transplant, including the emotional and financial costs that will follow Kennedy her entire life. This will include a lifetime of anti-rejection medications that can cost thousands of dollars each month as well as the need for future transplants. Kennedy’s team has set a goal of raising $75,000 for transplant- related expenses. Please consider making a donation to COTA in honor of Kennedy today! Thank you, and may God bless you!